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Georgia Teacher Retirement

Georgia Teacher Retirement is administered by the Teacher Retirement System of Georgia. In Georgia, you get eligible for service retirement if you have 30 years of creditable service, regardless of your age. You are also entitled for service retirement if you are 60 years of age and have 10 years of creditable service. The following are some of the more details about the Georgia Teacher Retirement.

Eligibility for Retirement

The minimum age for Georgia Teacher Retirement is 60 years or 30 years of creditable service. Following are the eligibility criteria for teacher retirement in Georgia.

Service Retirement:

  • 30 years of creditable service
  • Minimum 60 years of age with 10 years of creditable service
Disability Retirement:
  • Permanently disabled with 9Ĺ years of service (A panel of three physicians determines the disability status)
Early Retirement:
  • Minimum 25 years of creditable service
  • Required active account
Georgia Teacher Retirement Plan

In Georgia, there are two basic types of teacher retirement plans:

  • Defined Contribution Plan (DC)
  • Defined Benefit Plan (DB)
Defined Contribution Plan (DC) In Defined Contribution Plan, the retirement income depends upon the performance of the investment choices that you opted for the contributions from yourself and your employer. In this plan, the retirement incomes including retirement, disability and survivor are limited to your account value.

Defined Benefit Plan (DB)

In this plan, retirement benefits depend upon the number of years of your service. Here you donít have any investment risk and hence, your retirement income is guaranteed. Moreover, you will also have survivor and disability protection.

Pension Calculation

You can calculate your pension by using TRS pension calculator, which estimates the following retirement plans:

  • Plan A Maximum
  • Plan B, Option 2
  • Plan B, Option 2, pop up
  • Plan B, Option 3
  • Plan B, Option 3, pop up
  • Partial Lump Sum Option Plan (PLOP)